Lynndi was born in Hempstead, Long Island, NY to a Norwegian mother and Black American father who both served in the U.S. Air Force at the time. Challenging times presented an opportunity for her mother to move the family to California, so at age 5, Lynndi, along with with her mother, brother and grandmother, made the trek west.

From a young age, Lynndi wanted to become a Veterinarian and was quite studious, yet also quite active in school activities like swimming, tennis, band and orchestra. Along the way, she became an accomplished clarinetist, but turned down a music scholarship to go on to Veterinary School. Then, she discovered acting. Who would have thought that watching soaps in the student lounge would develop into anything meaningful?  Enthralled with the potentiality of walking in the shoes of an array of people with diverse traits, interests, professions and circumstances, Lynndi became engrossed with the prospect of becoming an actor.  After graduating with a Bachelors in Animal Science, and with encouragement from a friend working in commercials, Lynndi began her journey into acting, empowered by her indefatigable spirit.

Her passion for the craft grew from the desire to experience as much as possible about the human condition, about life, and how awesome it would be to share stories from so many different perspectives. Pretty adventurous and uninhibited, sharing experiences and understandings with others is something Lynndi enjoys, so she rooted herself in the theater telling stories through the voice of characters she played.  Her greatest reward is connecting emotionally with the viewers and presenting different lenses through which to view their own lives and gain understanding of the lives of others.

Two things Lynndi is impassioned about are acting and animals. She is most comfortable having an animal or two around and will always be in pursuit of that next rewarding acting opportunity.

Other pleasures: her church community, traveling, jazz fests, R&B, good books, the great outdoors, "do-it-yourself" home projects, and the love of family & friends.

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